We mourn the passing of
Robert E. Zoellner
Founded Alpine Associates
with his wife Victoria in 1976


Bob was a true pioneer in the merger arbitrage business, a wonderful teacher and an inspirational leader. We will miss him dearly.

Bob was a man of vision, passion and compassion who lived for teamwork and camaraderie. His legacy will live on through the close-knit, outstanding team of seasoned professionals he mentored at Alpine Associates.

Alpine's investment principles have been developed and refined to produce superior absolute returns over changing market conditions.

Alpine seeks to produce stock market-like returns with substantially less risk and volatility

Merger arbitrage is a steady and consistent business with a large store of historical metrics and well-established investment procedures

We approach all of our investment strategies with a trader's mentality – decisions are not made purely by investment formulas

Alpine's time-tested approach to merger arbitrage investing has been successfully applied by our experienced team to more than 5,000 M&A transactions over 40 years

We have built the tools and expertise to capitalize on favorable market opportunities within our investment strategies

We seek broad diversification across geographies, industries, and types of companies and transactions